Scope and Topics

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Cyber Data, Information, and Knowledge Computing

  • Knowledge extraction and management
  • Parallel and distributed data management
  • Semantic web and ontology modeling
  • Semi- / un-structured cyberdata extraction and computing
  • Endpoint monitoring, user and entity Analysis
  • Big data computing and analytics
  • Cyber knowledge computing in cloud / edge / fog computing
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning

Track 2: Cyber and Cyber-enabled Intelligence

  • MEMS, NEMS, Micro and Biometric Devices
  • Interaction with smart objects and devices
  • Web analytics and security incident response
  • Social network interaction and intelligence
  • Data mining platforms for cyberspace
  • Artificial intelligence for cyberspace
  • Cyber behavioral analytics and profiling

Track 3: Data Exchange, Pricing and Trust

  • Big data exchange and trading
  • Security, privacy and trustworthiness
  • Blockchain for cybersecurity operations
  • Blockchain in smart contracts
  • Digital trust and reputation

Track 4: Smart/Green Convergence on Communication, Computing and Caching

  • Big data ecosystems
  • Lowering latency and low energy network protocols,
  • IoT networking and communication architectures and protocols
  • Big / smart data applications
  • Multisensor data fusion
  • Web information quality and fusion
  • Streams, complex event processing
  • Organized and collaborative maps and networks

Track 5: Open Tools, Platform and Service for Cyber Data and Intelligence

  • Smart applications / services (e.g. smart healthcare / city)
  • Programming models for smart systems
  • Intelligent services and architectures for smart systems
  • Cognitive computing in ubiquitous systems
  • Big data tools, platforms and services in ubiquitous systems
  • Situation / context-aware network applications

Track 6: Security, Privacy and Social Aspects

  • Wireless and sensor network security
  • Access control
  • Smart public safety and security
  • Cyberspace security, privacy and trust
  • Intelligent environmental protection
  • Autonomous healthcare and assistance
  • Privacy and security of sensitive data (e.g. healthcare data)