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      With the rapid progresses of information science and technology, novel disciplinary fields have emerged, such as Mobile Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical System (CPS), Social Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Brain Informatics, and Internet of People (IoP), etc. Their research and application have being speeded up the formation of cyber space, which will further lead to a subversive change for information science development as well as human production and living.

      The development of these technologies directly contribute to the deep convergence between the new cyber space and the traditional ones including physical, social and thinking spaces towards a quaternionic convergent space, the Cyber-Physical-Social-Thinking Hyperspace, on which a Smart World are being created. For this, we timely organize the “2015 Smart World Congress” that includes five IEEE international conferences (UIC, ATC, Scalcom, CBDCom and IoP) with the theme of innovative computing, communication, data, intelligence and services for smart world.

      There are many fundamental issues in the smart world. i.e. how will “people” exist in the physical, social, cyber and thinking quaternionic hyperspace? Whether ubiquitous smart things would be really self-cognitive and secure enough to safeguard human and environments? The Internet/Web possibly become a runaway super monster or a super living organism? Therefore, besides the five conferences as well as workshops and seminars, we are also making two special events, “Top10Cs Open Forum” and “Smart World Summit”. The former is a public forum where everybody can put forward the challenges about the smart world, and then top 10 challenges will be generated based on the selections of crowd and experts. And, the latter is a high-level panel for distinguished researchers to present their insights about key challenges in creating the smart world.