Top 10 Challenges

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Our world is rapidly changing, and swiftly evolving towards so-called smart worlds. The smart worlds starting with smart things such as the smart objects, smart city, smart manufacture, smart systems, will eventually encompass all aspects of the physical world, social world and mental world. A cyber-enabled completely new digital space featured with ubiquitous interconnections, integrations and interactions of physical, social, mental and other spaces will continuously bring out more and more changes. Cyberspace is actually the combinational outcome of various technologies including computers, communications, materials, intelligence and studies in perception, cognition, biology, sociology, etc., as well as advanced computing like the Internet/Web, pervasive networks, ubiquitous sensing and computing, the internet of things, the cloud, big data and so forth. These smart worlds are set to be the next important stage in human history. We have to be aware of the essential problems and crucial issues affecting in building truly smart worlds that benefit humanity, and simultaneously safeguard the natural environment for sustainable development and evolution. Therefore, this is the time to foresee future trends and identify what the grand challenges for smart worlds and lives are.

A single person cannot solve all these challenges, but the intelligence exists in the wisdom of the crowd to achieve this through a collective effort. Therefore, the Top10Cs open forum is trying to offer a common platform to enable us to work together to think through these basic challenges and further identify the top 10 challenges for smart worlds, then define the research directions of increasing interest in this realm. If you have any ideas or suggestions, welcome to share them through the submit page. Also, you can select for the ideas of which you are in favor. The proposers of and selectors for the top 10 challenges will be given awards. We believe that coming up with solutions to these emerging challenges will facilitate the development of smart worlds.

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