Cybermatics Forum Keynotes

August 13, Beijing, China

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Cybermatics Forum Keynotes in August 13
Bin Guo

Northwestern Polytechnical Univ.
Title: Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing:
Challenges and Opportunities


Xing Xie

Microsoft Research Asia
Title: Understanding User Mobility from Large
Scale Human Behavioral Data


Zhangbing Zhou

China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
Title: Assessment of Service Protocol
Adaptability in Mediated Service Interactions


Jianwei Niu

Beihang Univ.
Title: VINCE: Exploriting Visible Light Sensing
for Smartphone-based NFC Systems


Bofeng Zhang

Shanghai Univ.
Title: Personalized Services Based on
User Model in Social Networks


Carson Leung

Univ. of Manitoba
Title: Big Data Mining and Computing in a Smart


Weishan Zhang

China Univ. of Petroleum(East China)
Title: A Smart Realtime Video Cloud Platform
Using Deep Learning


Lu Liu

Univ. of Derby
Title: A Socio-ecological Service Discovery Model in
Machine-to-Machine Communication Networks


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