The 2015 Smart World Congress Keynotes

August 10-14, Beijing, China

Congress Keynote
Keynote Speaker:
Professor Lu Liu

Univ. of Derby


A socio-ecological model, called SESD, will be introduced in this talk for advanced service discovery in M2M communication networks. In the SESD network, each device can perform advanced service search to dynamically resolve complex enquires, and autonomously support and co-operate with each other to quickly discover and self-configure any services available in M2M communication networks to deliver a real-time capability. This model has been evaluated and simulated in a dynamic M2M environment. The experiment results show that SESE can self-adapt and self-organize themselves in real time to generate higher flexibility and adaptability and achieve a better performance than the existing methods.


Lu Liu is the Professor of Distributed Computing in the University of Derby. Prof Liu received his PhD degree from University of Surrey (funded by DIF DTC) and MSc in Data Communication Systems from Brunel University. Prof Liu's research interests are in areas of cloud computing, service computing, cyber-physical-social computing and peer-to-peer computing. Prof Liu has secured many research projects which are supported by UK research councils, BIS and RLTF as well as industrial research partners. Prof Liu has over 100 scientific publications in reputable journals, academic books and international conferences. He was recognized as a Promising Researcher by University of Derby in 2011 and received BCL Faculty Research Award in 2012. Prof Liu has chaired many international conference and workshops and has served as an Editorial Board member for several international computing journals. He is a Fellow of British Computer Society (BCS).

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