Camera-ready files Submission and Registration

For Authors

Camera-ready files Submission Instructions for CyberDI 2020 and CyberLife 2020:
The registration process includes the following TWO STEPs:
STEP I: Complete the Final Camera-ready files Submission to the conference
STEP II: Complete the Payment

  • If you are a Non-author Conference Attendee, please directly perform the Basic Registration in STEP II.
  • Please use your Paper_ID assigned at Accepted Paper List in the following registration steps.
  • Authors need to learn about the Editorial Policies of Springer carefully.
  • STEP I: Complete the Camera-ready files Submission

    1. Authors should consult Springer’s authors’ guidelines and use the proceedings templates, either for LaTeX or for Word , for the preparation of their papers. Our preferred bibliographic styles are MathPhySci (particularly for computer science) and Basic (please see the references at the end of Springer's authors' guidelines for examples of these two styles). Each full regular paper is expected to be 12+ pages in the Springer CCIS one-column page format, 6-8 single-column pages for short papers and poster papers.
    2. You camera-ready files should include the following:
      1. All source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps files, or Word or rtf files).
      2. The final pdf manuscript without highlights.
      3. The copyright form ‘ CtP_Consent to Publish_Singapore ’(Please use the version downloaded here, and We do not accept digital signatures on the copyright right forms at present.).
      4. Corresponding author and email address.
      5. Authors index
      All files are compressed into one zip file named as Paper_ID (eg:15705XXXXX...).
    3. After finishing the preparation of your camera-ready files, send your camera-ready files to .
    4. Camera-ready Files Submission Due: 10, October, 2020 . (We strongly suggest you complete your submission as soon as possible. It will help the editor check and feedback on your paper info timely.)
    5. If any questions in camera-ready files submission, please contact us via:

    STEP II: Complete the Payment


    NOTE: EACH accepted paper needs one Registration.


    • Publication of one accepted paper in the proceedings
    • Access to all conference sessions and workshops
    • Program brochure and conference goodies if any

    Please note that if your payment is not received by the deadline (December 3, 2020), the paper will not be included in the proceedings. This deadline will be strictly enforced.

    Registration Fee: $450 / RMB3000

    Each full regular paper is expected to be at least 12 single-column pages (12-20 pages length is fine, and it is equal to 6-10 double-column pages with IEEE template), 6-8 single-column pages for workshop papers, short papers and posters.

    Extra pages charging:

    - Regular Papers (over 20 pages): Up to 10 extra pages may be purchased at $15 (US dollars) or RMB100 per extra page.

    - Workshop/Short/Poster Papers (over 8 pages): Up to 10 extra pages may be purchased at $15 (US dollars) or RMB100 per extra page.

    2. Complete the Payment

  • Authors from USTB
  • Please call 010-62333406 or email
    请致电:010-62333406 或邮件联系:
  • Authors from China Mainland
    1. For mainland authors to pay the registration fee, they must remit it to the conference account through bank. Please do not remit through ATM, lakala, POS and other self-service terminals, which is not conducive to our verification of your payment information. It is recommended to use online banking or bank counter for remittance. The congress remittance information is published as follows:
          1) Payee (account name): University of science and technology Beijing
          2) Bank of deposit: Beijing Dongsheng Road branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China
          3) Bank account: 0200006209014432650
        When remitting, please fill in "CyberCon+Paper_ID" (eg:CyberCon+1570595603,REQUIRED)。
        When remitting, please make sure to save the screenshot of the successful online payment or the photo of the bank remittance note as the remittance voucher!

      大陆作者缴纳注册费,必须通过银行汇款到会议账户。 建议作者不要通过ATM、拉卡拉、POS机等自助终端汇款,此方式不利于我们核实您的缴费信息,建议使用网上银行或者通过银行柜台进行汇款。 会议汇款信息公布如下:
          1) 收款单位 (账户名): 北京科技大学
          2) 开户银行: 工商银行北京东升路支行
          3) 账号: 0200006209014432650
        汇款时,请务必在汇款备注一项里填写"CyberCon+Paper_ID" (如:CyberCon+1570595603。必须填写)。

    2. Remittance certificate:
      Please send the screenshot of the successful online payment or the photo, article number, participant name, total payment and other information of the bank remittance form to, with the subject of "remittance voucher + Paper_ID / name of the remitter".

      请您将网上付款成功的截图或者银行汇款单照片、文章编号、参会人姓名、缴费总额 等信息发送至, 邮件主题: "汇款凭据 + Paper_ID / 汇款人姓名".
  • Authors from outside China Mainland
  • If you cannot pay through methods above, please email