The global population is ageing in an unprecedented rate. Along with this are the decline of sensory, physical and cognitive capabilities and the prevalence of ageing-related diseases. The global population is ageing in an unprecedented rate. As the developed countries, Europe has been leading the research, development, deployment and uptake of the technology-driven solutions for addressing the ageing problem. Nevertheless, China has the world’s fastest growing, and also the largest, ageing population, and yet China’s research and development on active and healthy ageing is still at early stage.

In particular, the forum will focus on talks, visions and perspective from industry, end user and policy-making organizations.

Organizing Committee

Leading Chair:

Jun Shi

Forum Co-Chairs:

Liming Chen, Huansheng Ning


Yinji Chen, Xiaodong Li, Jianzhong Wang, Xiefei Ge, Mingfang zhao, Can Li, Xiaofei Sun, Jingzhou Liu, Lei Guo, Dahua Jiang, Sen Wei, Tao Tang

Local Committee


Mingfang Zhao, Xiaojing Li


Qingjuan Li, Yang Xu, Feifei Shi, Sahraoui Dhelim, Zahid Mahmood, Bouras Mohamed Amine, Rana Sadaf Anwar, Yue Xu

Program Content
BLOCK 1: Public and Policy
Digital technologies to support health and wellbeing of older adults-Experiences, challenges and lessons learned
Dr. Julie Doyle, Netwell/CASAL multidisciplinary research Centre, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
Welfare and elderly policies in Norway-status and challenges
Pro. Siri Ytrehus, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
BLOCK 2: Technologies, Products and Solutions
Technology-Facilitated Assisted Living: Problems, Rationale, Technologies and Challenges
Prof. Liming Chen, De Montfort University, UK
Welfare and elderly policies in Norway-innovation challenges
Dr. Ivar Solheim, Chief Research Scientist in Norwegian Computing Center, Norway
BLOCK3: Users, Social and Others
Innovative Technologies and Service Redesign to Transform Health and Social Care Systems
Dr. Tom Dawso, founder, CEO of the Rescon company
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