Highlights of 2015 Smart World Congress

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The 2015 Smart World Congress (SWC2015), Sponsored by IEEE, IEEE CS, and IEEE TCSC, includes five IEEE conferences, UIC 2015, ATC 2015, ScalCom 2015, CBDCom 2015, and IoP 2015, and a series of co-located activities. Its purpose is to discuss the hottest topics related to "Smart World with Intelligence, Service, Connection, Cloud, Big Data and People", to achieve the convergence of Cyber, Physical, Social, and Thinking Worlds. Proposals for tutorials, special sessions, and workshops are welcome. The congress invites high quality papers, and demos, in the broad areas related to ubiquitous intelligence and computing, advanced and trusted computing, scalable computing and communications, cloud and big data, and Internet of people towards the Smart World.

The EVENTS in SWC2015 are as following:
Five IEEE Conferences

Twenty Special Issues (http://www.cybermatics.org/SWC2015/Main_issue.htm)

Twenty-five Co-located Activities