IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Training Workshop

August 12, 2015 - afternoon (exact time and room will be announced)

IEEE has identified that many Volunteers seek to gain better understanding of available opportunities and common practices, in order to become more active within the association.To meet this need, IEEE is pleased to announce a FREE one-day workshop, aimed at training and empowering qualified Volunteers to play a bigger role in building IEEE technical communities, organizing successful IEEE activities, and training future generations of Volunteers.

The workshop will be led by Vincenzo Piuri, IEEE Technical Activities Vice President, and is designed to provide the attendees with information and tools in the following areas of IEEE activity:

-Global and Local Technical Communities
- Conferences
- Publication
- Educational Activities

All participants will be given a certificate of attendance, and will then be expected to increase and expand their proactive roles within the above areas of IEEE focus, becoming prominent IEEE Volunteer leaders, both globally and locally.

In addition, they will be encouraged to replicate this training activity in their local communities, passing this knowledge on to other potential Volunteer leaders, to cultivate a strong, knowledgeable, and engaged Volunteer base.

This workshop is open to everybody including postgraduate students, government employees, university faculty, researchers, and industry professionals who wish to become more involved in IEEE technical communities and volunteering activities.

Please click here to register for the IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Training Workshop!