Accepted Papers in 2015 Smart World Congress

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Accepted Papers in UIC 2015
UIC accepted regular papers
Paper_ID Title
UIC-5 An Adaptive Demodulation Structure for UHF RFID Readers Based on the Phase of Input Signal
UIC-9 Guardian Angel: A Smartphone Based Personal Security System for Emergency Alerting
UIC-14 An Interpretable Orientation and Placement Invariant Approach for Smartphone based Activity Recognition
UIC-15 HyCPK: Securing Identity Authentication in ubiquitous computing
UIC-16 Hygeia: A Practical and Tailored Data Collection Platform for Mobile Health
UIC-17 Underground Magnetic Localization Method and Optimization Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
UIC-23 A Hybrid Cellular Automaton Mechanism Inspired Approach for Dynamic and Real-time Traffic Lights Scheduling
UIC-27 WSelector: A Multi-Scenario and Multi-View Worker Selection Framework for Crowd-Sensing
UIC-34 SAPM: Self-Adjusting Pipelining Mechanism for Efficient Bulk Data Dissemination in Smart Homes
UIC-35 The Bimodal Probability Density Distribution of the Survivability for Wireless Sensor Networks under Random Failures
UIC-41 WiGroup: A Lightweight Cellular-assisted Device-to-Device Network Formation Framework
UIC-42 Characterising and Predicting Urban Mobility Dynamics By Mining Bike Sharing System Data
UIC-44 Recognition of New and Old Banknotes Based on SMOTE and SVM
UIC-45 CrowdPic: A Multi-coverage Picture Collection Framework for Mobile Crowd Photographing
UIC-49 Intelligently Creating Contextual Tutorials for GUI Applications
UIC-51 SuperRack: Reusing the Results of Queries in MapReduce Systems 
UIC-54 A novel graph-based method to study community evolutions in social interactions
UIC-62 Monitoring Sleep and Detecting Irregular Nights through Unconstrained Smartphone Sensing
UIC-63 Context-aware Trust-based Management of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)
UIC-74 Heterogeneous Sparse Relational Data Co-Clustering in Social network 
UIC-77 Passively Testing Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks 
UIC-81 Recognizing Gait Pattern of Parkinson’s Disease Patients Based on Fine-grained Movement Function Features
UIC-86 Programming Method and Formalization for Activity-Oriented Context-Aware Applications
UIC-88 A Novel Trace-Aided Data Dissemination Algorithm in Vehicular Networks
UIC-98 BWMesh: an multi-hop connectivity framework on Android for proximity service
UIC-99 Sensing the Pulse of Urban Activity Centers Leveraging Bike Sharing Open Data
UIC-109 Intelligent Taxi Service System Based on Carrier-Cloud-Client
UIC-110 Detecting Urban Road Condition and Disseminating Traffic Information by VANETs
UIC-112 Taxi Operation Optimization Based on Big Traffic Data
UIC-113 Flexible Management of Cloud-Connected Digital Signage
UIC-116 A Context-aware Spontaneous Mobile Social Network
UIC-117 An Acoustic Traffic Monitoring System: Design and Implementation
UIC-118 Intelligent reconfigurable gateway for heterogeneous wireless sensor and actuator networks
UIC-120 Deploying and Evaluating Pufferfish Privacy for Smart Meter Data
UIC-129 On Improvement of The DV-RND Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
UIC-142 A Scheme for Activity Trajectory Dataset Publishing With Privacy Preserved
UIC-144 SensorAct: A Decentralizaed and Scriptable Middleware for Smart Energy Buildings
UIC accepted poster papers
Paper_ID Title
UIC-7 Route Guidance in Urban Traffic Networks: A Virtual Agent Negotiation Inspired Approach
UIC-8 A Situation-aware Method Based on Ontology Analysis of the Semantic Social Network
UIC-10 Recognizing the Operating Hand from Touchscreen Traces on Smartphones
UIC-12 On exploring an on-demand XML Wireless data broadcasting scheduling algorithm
UIC-13 Vista Wearable: Seeing through Whole-Body Touch without Contact
UIC-19 On Trajectory Prediction in Indoor Retail Environments for Mobile Advertising using Selected Self-Histories
UIC-26 FRID:Indoor Fine-grained Real-time Passive Human Motion Detection
UIC-30 An Online Approach for Detecting Repackaged Android Applications Based on Multi-user Collaboration
UIC-36 Collaborative Bicycle Sensing for Air Pollution on Roadway
UIC-38 An Adaptive Memetic Algorithm for Designing Artificial Neural Networks
UIC-40 Mobile Crowd Assisted Navigation for the Visually Impaired
UIC-46 Robust Deployment for Data Collecting Under Random Node Failures in Wireless Sensor Networks
UIC-48 Sparse Multi-target Localization and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network
UIC-75 strDoctor: Indicate Stroke for Elderly through Body Sensing Game
UIC-78 Multi-Class Object Recognition and Segmentation Based on Multi-feature Fusion Modeling
UIC-79 An Improved Weighted Centroid DV-hop Localization Algorithm for WSNs
UIC-101 Architecture for the use of Cloud Computing in Ubiquitous Systems
UIC-103 An Event Prediction Method Based on User Interactions in Social Media
UIC-104 An Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy for the Hybrid Type Parking Station
UIC-124 Multi-link Passive Localization with Low Cost in Wireless Sensor Networks
UIC-130 Energy Cost Optimization via Intelligent Cell Breathing in Green Heterogeneous Networks
UIC-136 InCamShare: An Automatic Playlist Creator Employs Users’ Shared Experience on Mobile Displays
UIC-141 Discovering Urban Social Functional Regions Using Taxi Trajectories
UIC-180 Discovering Spatial Contexts for Traffic Flow Prediction with Sparse Representation based Variable Selection
UIC accepted Videos
Paper_ID Title
Video-1 Perception Enhanced Robotic Arm
Video-2 The Future of Smart Dressing Mirror
Video-3 Context-Aware Access Control and Privacy Policy Recommendation
Video-4 Ubiquitous Computing in 10 Years VS Chinese Kungfu
Video-5 FlierMeet: Cross-space public information reposting with mobile crowd sensing
Video-6 Discovering User Connections using Their Shared Images on Social Media
Video-7 Smart World: A Better World
Accepted Papers in ATC 2015
ATC accepted regular papers
Paper_ID Title
ATC-1 A Peer-to-Peer Usage Control Scheme for Resource Sharing Using Trusted Computing Technology
ATC-8 Component-based frameworks for digital nautical chart system
ATC-11 An Automated Aero-engine Thrust Detecting Method Based on Sound Recognition
ATC-14 A High-Throughput Processor for Dual-Field Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Power Analysis Resistance
ATC-15 The Research on Broadcast Television User Interest Model Based on Principal Component Analysis
ATC-18 Towards Trustworthy Integrated Clinical Environments
ATC-19 IMSet-SHA3-Tree: the Efficient Data Integrity Verification Based on SHA3 and MSet-XOR-Hash
ATC-20 Exploring the User Response Time of Login Application Based on SOAE
ATC-21 High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Data Computing Pattern based on Feature Primitives
ATC-22 Semantic Matching and Optimal Service Cluster Selection Driven by Goal Preferences
ATC-23 Fast Processing of Conversion Time Data Flow in Cloud Computing via Weighted FP-Tree Mining Algorithms
ATC-26 Designing Wireless Vibration Monitoring System to Enable Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery in Petrochemical Plants
ATC-27 An Efficient Dispatch and Decision-making Model for Taxi-booking Service
ATC-32 Survivability Analysis for Power-aware Mobile Ad Hoc Network Taking Account of Border Effects
ATC-37 A heuristic adaptive threshold algorithm on IaaS clouds
ATC-39 A Model for Tracking Information Sources Based on an Instant Messaging Network
ATC-41 Semantic Security for e-Health: A Case Study in Enhanced Access Control
ATC-42 Knowledge-enhanced Multi-semantic Fusion for Concept Similarity Measurement in Continuous Vector Space
ATC-45 A Fast modified DOA estimation algorithm with rotation array for vehicle security in intelligent transportation system
ATC-46 A study on parallel computation Based on forward modeling and inversion algorithm of 2D magnetotelluric
ATC-49 Verification for Security-relevant Properties and Hyperproperties
ATC-58 An Improved Monte Carlo Localization Algorithm with Predatory Search Strategy in Cellular Networks
ATC-59 2DMT contrast research for symmetrical anisotropic and isotropic bodies
ATC-60 Optimizing the Quality of Service for a Pub/Sub System
ATC-62 A Hybrid Vertex Outlier Detection Method Based on Distributed Representation and Local Outlier Factor
ATC-63 Management of Unstructured Geological Data Based on Hadoop
ATC-64 A novel Signature Generation Approach Based on Intrinsic Combination Relationship for Detecting Polymorphic
ATC-66 Research on Computational experiment of the service operation strategy in collaborative manufacturing
ATC-70 Mobile Surfing Pattern Analysis over Time and Location on a Big Access Record
ATC-79 Parallel Implementation and Performance Comparison of BiCGStab for Massive Sparse Linear System of Equations on GPU Libraries
ATC-87 Secure Network Bandwidth Provisioning for Quality of Services (QoS) Guarantees
ATC-90 Addressing Hardware Security Challenges in Internet of Things: Recent Trends and Possible Solutions
ATC-91 A Generic Formulated KID Model for Pragmatic Porcessing of Data, Information and Knowledge
ATC-93 CDS - a collaborative dynamic source routing protocol for wireless sensor network
ATC accepted short papers
Paper_ID Title
ATC-3 Judging Subjective and Objective Sentence Based on 2-POS Subjective Models
ATC-4 Analyze Login and Certification Time Based on SOA with EIP Architecture
ATC-5 The Urban Villages’Topographic Database System Construction Based on Oracle Map Fusion Middleware
ATC-6 Research on Evolvable Hardware based on Population Hybridization Monkey-King Genetic Algorithm
ATC-7 Environmental Predictive Modeling using PMML(Predective Model Markup Language) And Hadoop For Big Data Analytics
ATC-9 The Optimization of Integrity Measurement Algorithm Based on Multi-thread and Pipeline Paralleling
ATC-10 An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Underwater WSNs
ATC-12 A Feature-oriented Modeling Approach For Embedded Product Line Engineering
ATC-16 Image Scrambling based on Key–tuned Blending Transform
ATC-25 Hot Topics Extraction from Chinese Micro-blog Based on Sentence
ATC-28 A Microblog Data Acquisition Method Based on Follow-Group Mode
ATC-29 API Sequences based Malware Detection for Android
ATC-33 The Assessment Strategy for Intelligent Algorithms Using Improved Osculating Value Method
ATC-43 Extension clustering algorithm and its Applications
ATC-48 A Job-Shop Scheduling Model with Real-time Feedback for Physical Internet-based Manufacturing Shopfloor
ATC-50 Study on Intelligent Logistics System Based on Internet of Vehicles
ATC-51 Big Data Transformation Testing based on Data Reverse Engineering
ATC-54 Attribute based Generalized Signcryption for OSN
ATC-56 A probabilistic homomorphic encryption algorithm over integers - protecting data privacy in clouds
ATC-61 An Improved Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm Based Optimized User Similarity
ATC-77 An application research of unbiased converted measurement Kalman filter
ATC-81 Improving near surface soil moisture retrieval based on radiative transfer model
ATC-83 Efficiently preserving the privacy of the semantic routing in Named Data Network
ATC-85 The Design and Implementation of Mobile-end Customer Relationship Management System for Small and Medium Enterprises Based on MVC mode
ATC-88 Creating Multi-Domain Query Plans on Data Services
ATC-89 Food Image Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks
ATC-92 Enterprise Application Security in Android Devices Using Short Messaging Service under Unified Communication Framework
Accepted Papers in ScalCom 2015
Paper_ID Title
ScalCom-5 Large Scale Distributed Information System Emulation Platform based on Cloud Computing Technology
ScalCom-9 Application Reliability Evaluation for Tactical Internet based on OPNET
ScalCom-11 Scalable Explicit Multicasting on Internet: A Topological-Aware Approach
ScalCom-16 Visual Analysis of Harbor Hydrological Data in MANET
ScalCom-17 Accuracy Enhanced Distributed Sparse Matrix Solver with Block-based Pivoting for Large Linear Systems
ScalCom-19 Fast Parallel Extract-shift and Parallel Deposit-shift in General-Purpose Processors
ScalCom-20 Research on Tasks Satisfaction Type of Intelligent Planning Algorithm
ScalCom-21 Modeling of Rectangular Periodic Impulsive Noise in Low-voltage Power Line Channels
ScalCom-22 Design and application of wireless sensor network based on signal integrity analysis
ScalCom-24 A trust-level based signaling games authorization model
ScalCom-27 EDAGF:Estimation & Direction Aware GreedyForwarding for Urban Scenario in VehicularAd-hoc Network
ScalCom-28 Performance improvement of visible light communication system using Reed-Solomon code
ScalCom-32 The Research On EFQPSK Modulation Performance Applied To Deep Space Communication
ScalCom-36 An Intrusion Detection System Based on Hadoop
ScalCom-37 A Cloud Based Framework for Identification of Influential Health Experts from Twitter
ScalCom-38 Optimal Relay Selection and Cooperative Power Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks
ScalCom-41 CoGA: Extension of GA on Heterogeneous System
ScalCom-45 Improved Chain Calculation for Sub-chain Dependencies in Layered Queueing Networks
ScalCom-46 Research On Multicast Congestion Control
ScalCom-47 Research on Temperature Control System Modeling for Indoor Environment
ScalCom-49 Server-Based Bitrate Allocation in Content Delivery Network
ScalCom-51 Dynamic Resource Pricing and Scalable Cooperation for Mobile Cloud Computing
ScalCom-52 Local Recovery of Wireless Multihop Infrastructure with the Autonomous Mobile Base Station
ScalCom-59 The analysis of the electromagnetic performance of planar mesh reflector based on the electrical contact model of metallic junction
ScalCom-60 Measurement Reliability Prediction for Passive Wireless Resonant SAW Sensor System
ScalCom-61 Detecting deterministic targets by combination of polarimetric fork and Cloude-Pottier decomposition for polarimetric synthetic aperture radar imagery
ScalCom-66 Key Technology of Online Auditing Data Stream Processing
ScalCom-68 An Integrated Approach for Vehicle Detection and Type Recognition
ScalCom-69 Review of Pitch Control for Variable Speed Wind Turbine
ScalCom-70 Survey on Air Levitation Conveyors with possible scalability properties
Accepted Papers in CBDCom 2015
Paper_ID Title
CBDCom-2 Tourist Service in Natural Scenic Area Based on RFID Technique
CBDCom-5 An Empirical Comparison of Three Ensemble Methods for Medical Data Mining with Apache Spark
CBDCom-9 Optimizing NoSQL DB on Flash: A Case Study of RocksDB
CBDCom-11 Instruction Emulation and OS Supports of a Hybrid Binary Translator for x86 Instruction Set Architecture
CBDCom-12 Electricity Consumption Analysis and Applications based on Smart Grid Big Data
CBDCom-13 Scaling Distributed Image Processing on BIG Data using NUMA based Large Multi-Core System and Hadoop GPU CUDA Cluster
CBDCom-17 Fast Fine-Grained Air Quality Index Level Predicting Using Random Forest Algorithm on Cluster Computing of Spark
CBDCom-20 Dynamic Load balancing alogorithm in cloud
CBDCom-21 Disease Diagnosis Supported by Hierarchical Temporal Memory
CBDCom-22 Processing Skyline Groups on Data Streams
CBDCom-24 Optimizing Data Partition for NoSQL Cluster
CBDCom-26 Hash Semi Cascade Join for Joining Multi-Way Map Reduce
CBDCom-28 Making Tagging Systems Resistant to Tricky Spam Attacks
CBDCom-29 Modeling Network with Topic Model and Triangle Motif
CBDCom-30 Enabling FPGAs in Hyperscale Data Centers
CBDCom-32 Combining Clustering Algorithm with Factorization Machine for Friend Recommendation in Social Network
CBDCom-33 An improved genetic-based approach to task scheduling in Inter-cloud environment
CBDCom-34 SDN-based ARP Attack Detection For Cloud Centers
CBDCom-35 Task scheduling algorithm based on PSO in cloud environment
CBDCom-37 GACA-VMP: Virtual Machine Placement Scheduling in Cloud Computing Based on Genetic Ant Colony Algorithm Approach
CBDCom-38 Toward a Framework in Cloudlet-Based Architecture for a Real-Time Predictional Model
CBDCom-39 Access Control for Cloud Applications
CBDCom-42 Cloud Service Broker for Intermediating Services Based on Semantic Analysis Models
CBDCom-46 Inspection of Hidden Dangers Based on Cloud Messaging Push Service
CBDCom-47 Prediction for Hidden Dangers in Mine Production Using Timeliness Managing Extreme Learning Machine for Cloud Services
CBDCom-50 Detecting Crowdsourcing Click Fraud in Search Advertising Based on Clustering Analysis
CBDCom-52 Online Anomaly Prediction for Cloud Systems Based on Hidden Markov Models
CBDCom-55 Exploring Cloud Monitoring Data Using Search Cluster and Semantic MediaWiki
CBDCom-56 Software Defined Cities: a novel paradigm for Smart Cities through IoT Clouds
CBDCom-58 A Performance Prediction Model for Deployment of Geo-Distributed Big Data Processing
CBDCom-60 CPN based Validation on Pervasive Cloud Task Migration
CBDCom-62 Experiences on a Video Management Cloud based on Hadoop
CBDCom-63 Formalizing Mobile Cloud Service Migration with Event-B
CBDCom-64 Deep Belief Network-based Cloud Resource Demanding Prediction
Accepted Papers in IoP 2015
Paper_ID Title
IoP-1 Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Encoded by Base62x
IoP-2 Nash Bargaining Game Based Subcarrier Allocation for Physical Layer Security in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System
IoP-5 Knowledge Diffusion in Complex Networks
IoP-6 Identify influential spreaders in complex real-world networks
IoP-11 Preference and Movement Pattern Similarity-based Resource Discovery Enhancement Algorithm for Mobile Social Networking
IoP-18 Utilizing Latent Semantic Word Representations for Automated Essay Scoring
IoP-22 Prediction and Clustering of User Relationship in Social Network
IoP-23 A Healthcare System for Detection and Analysis of Daily Activity based on Wearable Sensor and Smartphone
IoP-24 An Improved S-box of Lightweight Hush Function SPOGENT
IoP-31 Research on WiFi User Dwell Time Distribution
IoP-32 Mobile crowdsourcing: architecture, applications, and challenges
IoP-36 Threshold Factor Track Classification Algorithm Based on Target Motion Model
IoP-37 Modeling of research topic evolution associated with social networks of researchers
IoP-38 Future transport and the Internet of People
IoP-40 Emotion Recognition using multi-classification SVM
IoP-61 Digital Explosions and Digital Clones
Paper_ID Title
UFirst-2 Study on the residents tiered pricing model after the sale of electricity liberalization
UFirst-3 The Algorithm of Recognizing and Comprehending Vague Tasks Based on Fuzzy Mathematical Theory
UFirst-4 Refined Urban Sensing and Public Facility Management with Crowdsourced Data
UFirst-5 Towards Service Evaluation and Ranking Model for cloud Infrastructure Selection
UFirst-6 Research on Network of Networks Theory
UFirst-7 Prototyping and Experimental Comparison of IR-UWB based High Precision Localization Systems
UFirst-11 A User-side Intelligent Energy Decision Making Method Considering Grid-Load Interaction Under Smart Grid
UFirst-13 Parameters Optimization of Back Propagation Neural Network Based on Memetic Algorithm Coupled with Genetic Algorithm
UFirst-20 Research on Global-Local Optimal Information Ratio Particle Swarm Optimization for Vehicle Scheduling Problem
UFirst-21 Creating Personal 3D Avatar from a single Depth Sensor
UFirst-22 On Exploring a Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization method for Urban Traffic Light Scheduling
UFirst-28 Information-Centric Resource Management for Environment Sensing with Multi-hop Cellular Network Architecture
UFirst-32 A Cloud Computing Framework for Smarter District Heating Systems
UFirst-33 ARP Spoofing Based Access Control for DLNA Devices
UFirst-39 Buy4Me: A Delivery System via Mobility Prediction Based on Mobile Crowd Sensing
UFirst-47 A User-side Intelligent Energy Decision Making Method Considering Grid-Load Interaction Under Smart Grid
UFirst-50 A Dynamic TDMA Protocol Based on Information Quantity in Wireless Sensor Networks
UFirst-53 Zookeeper+: The Optimization of Election Algorithm
UFirst-56 Continuity based Transfer Learning Method for Activity Recognition
UFirst-58 Identification of Smart Home Potentials in Germany
UFirst-61 BER Analysis of BPSK based Magneto-Inductive Communication System in Clay Channel
UFirst-65 A CIM System for Use in the UCWW
UFirst-68 SASLL: A System Annotating Semantic Label of Location
UFirst-72 (c, k) m-anonymity: a model to resist sub-trajectory linkage attacks
UFirst-73 Controlling Smart TVs using Touch Gestures on Mobile Devices
UFirst-76 A Tutorial Survey on Delivery of Service Data in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
UFirst-80 A Battery Saving System for Smartphone with Modular Bayesian Networks and Fuzzy Logic
UFirst-82 Extracting Features for Cardiovascular Disease Classification Based on Ballistocardiography
UFirst-84 Distributed Cooperative Reasoning in Ambient Environment
UFirst-89 Real-time Activity Recognition on Smartphones Using Deep Neural Networks
UFirst-97 A Modified Asynchronous PSO Algorithm
UFirst-100 Architecture for the use of Cloud Computing in Ubiquitous Systems
UFirst-102 Data Organization and Service Publishing for Multi-dimensional Digital Waterway Model
UFirst-103 The Improvement and Implementation of Clustering Algorithm Based on Multi-core Computing
UFirst-104 A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization based on Selective-Dimension Learning Model
UFirst-106 MIGDL: An XML-Based Interactive Graphic Description Language for Mobile Platform
UFirst-111 Design concept evaluation based on rough number and information entropy theory
UFirst-115 Object Tracking Based on Particle Filter with Data Association
UFirst-119 From Complex Event Processing to Cognitive Event Processing: Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities
UFirst-121 QoS-based Cognitive Access in Wireless Networks with Big Data
UFirst-127 A New Compound Kernel Function for SVM
UFirst-131 DiaMon: A Pervasive Approach to Assist Doctors Monitoring Hypoglycemia in smart hospitals
UFirst-134 Extension clustering algorithm and its Applications
UFirst-143 Inferring Friendship over Bluetooth Encounter Traces and Cell Tower Location Information
UFirst-213 Optimal Joint Call Admission Control Policy in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
UFirst-217 SVM-based Dynamic Risk Recognition and Complex Risk Assessment
UFirst-224 Research on Uncertainty Intelligent Planning Algorithm
UFirst-236 SPR-based Strategy in the SSL Connection Migration Mechanism with Parameter Optimization
UFirst-265 The Simulation and Analysis of Image Change with Improved Cellular Automata and Optimization Methods
UFirst-267 Research On Multicast Congestion Control
UFirst-282 Improving Energy Efficiency in M2M Healthcare Systems using CP-ABE Schemes
UFirst-286 Exploring Covert Communication on Google+ Hangouts
UFirst-306 Study on Stabilization Algorithms of FLOLS
UFirst-307 An Improved WBAN Route Protocol Based on DSR
UFirst-308 On the memory wall and performance of symmetric sparse matrix vector multiplications in different data structure
UFirst-312 A fast computing algorithm on optimal energy efficiency in two-way OFDM relay system
UFirst-313 Instruction-level Instantaneous Power Modeling for VLIW Processor
UFirst-314 Application of PETSc in the linear solver of OpenFOAM
UFirst-323 Design of Traditional Handmade Paper Data Sharing Service Platform
UFirst-325 Application of cache in P2P system
UFirst-329 New Mapping Model in 2D Mesh for Nview Multidisplay
UFirst-330 A Novel Tunable Microwave Photonic Band-pass Filter Based On Chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings
UFirst-331 A data fusion scheme for modified EKF banks positioning algorithm in mixed LOS/NLOS conditions
UFirst-333 Use of the cognitive radio in smart grids, implementation In the Colombian normative context
UFirst-334 Wi-Fi Channels Saturation Using Standard Wi-Fi Gateway
UFirst-339 An Improved Location-Aware DHCP Protocol for Wireless LAN Access
UFirst-340 Cloud Consumer Oriented Utility Model Research In Cloud Computing
UFirst-342 The Comparison and Analysis of Two Track Fusion Algorithms Based on EKF
UFirst-343 Patching Method for Coverage Holes with Distance and Angle Assistant in Wireless Sensor Networks
UFirst-344 Research on Coverage-Hole Patching Algorithm In hybrid Wireless Sensor Network
UFirst-348 Research on the High Penetration Alerting of GMR
UFirst-353 A kind of WSN routing optimization method based on the geographic location
UFirst-356 Analysis and Evaluation of Spoofing Effect on GNSS Receiver
UFirst-358 A New Corrugated Horn with High Gain and Low Side Lobe
UFirst-362 DeDroid: A Mobile Botnet Detection Approach Based on Static Analysis
UFirst-401 A Prediction Research of the Credit Risk in the Cloud Bank based on the Hybrid Cloud
UFirst-404 Research on Atmospheric Channel Charateristics in Laser Communicaiton System
UFirst-406 The Cloud Task Attemper Layer Model Based on Agent Role
UFirst-410 Semantic Matching and Optimal Service Cluster Selection Driven by Goal Preferences
UFirst-414 Design and implemention of Cloud Server remote management system based on IMPI Protocol
UFirst-423 Research on Architecture On-demands for Data Intensive Geoscience Product
UFirst-425 A text clustering algorithm hybirding Invasive Weed Optimization with K - means
UFirst-427 Vulnerabilities Scoring Approach for Cloud SaaS
UFirst-436 Similarity based Hot Spot News Clustering
UFirst-441 The Symptoms and Pathogenesis Entity Recognition of TCM Medical Records Based on CRF
UFirst-453 Adopting different file system with Hadoop for storing and processing small file
UFirst-454 Towards continuous certification of Infrastructure-as-a-Service using low-level metrics
UFirst-459 A Mobile Cloud Platform Using Openstack
UFirst-503 Detection Changes and Trends in China’s Humanity & Social Field by Co-word Analysis: A Case Study on Huang Zongxi
UFirst-509 Telehealth to support medical practice in rural/remote regions: what are the conditions for success
UFirst-512 Design of a Wearable Device for Monitoring SpO2 Continuously
UFirst-514 Hardware-Assisted Monitoring for Code Security in Embedded System
UFirst-515 Polarity Searching for MPRM Logic Circuit Based on Imploved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
UFirst-517 Design and Implementation of Warehouse Management System Based on RFID Technology
UFirst-519 Free Trade Network with Unrestricted FDI from Government Perspective
UFirst-527 Study on the hotspot of information propagation based on groups
UFirst-528 Anomaly Detection for User Behavior in Wireless Network Based on Cross Entropy
UFirst-529 Research on E-learning in College Education--A model on personalized resource recommendation based on learning situation
UFirst-534 A kind of WSN routing optimization method based on the geographic location
UFirst-535 Optimization of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Resisting Power Attack Scalar Multiplication Algorithm in Security System on Chip
UFirst-600 Multi-point Scheduling of WSNs based on Energy Harvesting
UFirst-605 Community Detecting Oriented Directed and Weighted Network in Mobile Crowd Sensing
UFirst-610 Hypergraph Modeling Scheme with Joint Contact Schedule and Prioritized Data Traffic Constraint for Opportunistic Internet of Vehicles
Accepted Papers in Workshops
BR&A, HIISSA & OECA accepted papers
Paper_ID Title
BR&A-1 A Real-time Face Recognition System Based on IP Camera and Image Sets Algorithm
BR&A-2 A Novel Sparse Representation Classification Face Recognition Based on Deep Learning
BR&A-3 Sparse Autoencoder for Facial Expression Recognition
BR&A-4 Imbalanced Data Classification Based on A Hybrid Resampling SVM Method
BR&A-5 Fast 3D Measurement based on Colored Structured Light Projection
BR&A-6 Fourier Transform of Two Components Quasi-periodic Optical Superlattice
BR&A-7 Tunable Double Plasmon-induced Transparencies for Near Infrared Band in Plasmonic Waveguide with Three Coupled Cylinder Cavities
BR&A-8 Reseach on a New Power Supply for Electroplating
BR&A-9 Auxiliary Antennas For Spatial Modulation With Space-Time Code
BR&A-10 An Analytical Method of Inter-harmonic Detection
HIISSA-1 A Survey and Application of Indoor Positioning Based on Scene Classitfcation Optimization
HIISSA-2 A Weak Password Cracker of UHF RFID Tags
HIISSA-3 The application of Data Mining technology for the judgment of poisoning cases
HIISSA-4 High Quality Face Image Acquisition with Multi-Cameras
HIISSA-7 Research on Real-time Dynamic Monitoring Technology for Large Passenger Flow
OECA-2 Research on the bistatic scattering characteristic of metal sphere
OECA-3 Analysis of Design and Manufacturing Process of Compact Range Reflector Panel
OECA-4 The Design of Multi-Bandpass FSS
OECA-5 Preparation and electromagnetic characteristics of flake shaped carbonyl iron-zinc oxide nanocomposites
OECA-7 A method of PRF-ambiguity resolution based on range frequency domain
OECA-8 Extended Modified Equivalent Current Approximation Method for Pure or Low Lossy Dielectric Objects
OECA-9 An Evaluation Method of SAR Images Based on Kullback-Leiber Divergence
OECA-10 Radar target precession feature extraction based on multi-view fusion
OECA-11 High Frequency RCS Representation of Trihedral Corner Reflectors with Scalene Triangle Aperture
OECA-12 Highly birefringent octagonal photonic crystal fibers
PTUC, CV2N & IIMM accepted papers
Paper_ID Title
PTUC-169 A Study of Privacy Improvement using a randomized blind signature scheme in Vehicular Networks
PTUC-170 YPAP: The Yoking-proofs Based Authentication Protocol for Wearable Devices in Wireless Communications
PTUC-175 RFID System Mutual Authentication Protocols Based on ECC
PTUC-176 A Survey on the Integrity Checking Of Outsourced Data In Cloud Computing
CV2N-2 An Evaluation Model for Epidemic Routing in VANETs
CV2N-8 Cause Analysis of Traffic Accidents Based on Degrees of Attribute Importance of Rough Set
CV2N-9 Optimizing RSUs network against cascading failure
CV2N-10 The Vehicle Terminal Based On GPRS & CDMA Communication
IIMM-5 A novel approach for decision support in uncertain environments
IIMM-9 Design and Implementation of Scalable QOS Policy Management System
IIMM-10 A Distributed Hybrid Recommendation Framework to Address the New-User Cold-Start Problem
SAGAWARE, TELCPASS & CSUI accepted papers
Paper_ID Title
SAGAWARE-1 Fall Detection Using Plantar Inclinometer Sensor
SAGAWARE-2 Using Self-Histories to Predict Store Visits in Indoor Retail Environments for Mobile Advertising: a Ranked-Based Technique
SAGAWARE-3 A Bioinspired Feature-Projection-Based Approach to Electromyographic Pattern Recognition based on High Dimensional Sparse Sensor Data
SAGAWARE-4 Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring System
SAGAWARE-5 Device-free Passive Human Detection using Wi-Fi Technology: Current State and Future Trend
SAGAWARE-6 Towards knowledge driven decision support for personalized home-based self-management of chronic disease
SAGAWARE-7 Unsupervised Human Activity Segmentation Applying Smartphone Sensor for Healthcare
TELCPASS-1 Predicting Dropout-prone Students in E-learning Education System
TELCPASS-2 Open Learning Platform Based on Personal and Social Analytics for Individualized Learning Support
CSUI-174 Task Coordination Mechanism Based on Softman Group in the Syncretic System
CSUI-179 A Wakeup Adapting Traffic and Receiver- Initiated duty cycle Protocol for WSN
UUMA accepted papers
Paper_ID Title
UUMA-1 An Improved Collaborative Filtering Based on a Weighted Network and Triadic Closure
UUMA-2 Application Research of Ternary Optical Computer on Gaussian Elimination
UUMA-3 Research on Excellent Sequence of Period p^n Over GF(q) with Genetic Algorithm
UUMA-4 An Event Ontology Description Framework based on SKOS
UUMA-5 Query of uncertain QoS of Web Service
UUMA-6 Multiple User Characteristic Models for Online Survey based on FP-Tree Algorithm
UUMA-7 Online Survey Prediction Model for High Response Rate via Decision Tree
UUMA-8 Effective User Recommendation Model for Online Survey via BP Neural Network
UUMA-9 Analysis of MPICH communication interface and optimization of data partitioning in matrix calculation
UUMA-10 Transformation of an E-R Model into HBase Tables: A Data Store Design for IHE-XDS Document Registry
UUMA-11 Demand Forecasting for Shoes Product using Wavelet Transform and Polynomial Fitting: An Integrated System based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
UWSS and WSNPS accepted papers
Paper_ID Title
UWSS-1 Efficient Frequency and Duty Cycle Control Method for Fast Pulse-­Charging of Distributed Battery Packs by Sharing Cell Status
UWSS-2 Towards Modeling of Big Data using Divide-­and-­Conquer Approach in Machine-­to-­Machine Communication
UWSS-3 Priority SDN controlled integrated Wireless -­ Powerline Wired for the Smart-­Home Internet of Things
UWSS-8 A Study on Hash Chain-­based Hadoop Security Scheme
UWSS-9 Byzantine Fault Diagnosis Agreement in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
WSNPS-1 Path-loss based power efficient relay networking for WCE in body area networks
WSNPS-2 Direction estimation error model of embedded magnetometer in indoor navigation environment
WSNPS-4 Ultrasound ranging method based on network-level synchronization
WSNPS-5 CRLB for TOA based near-ground swarm robotic localization
WSNPS-7 A ray-tracing based fingerprinting for indoor positioning
WSNPS-8 An object reconstruction algorithm for moving vehicle detection based on three-frame differencing