The 2015 Smart World Congress Keynotes

August 10-14, Beijing, China

Congress Keynote
Keynote Speaker:
Professor Bruno Defude, Samovar

Telecom SudParis, Univ. of Paris Saclay, France


The production of huge amount of data and the emergence of cloud computing have introduced new requirements for data management. Many applications need to interact with several heterogeneous data stores depending on the type of data they have to manage: traditional data types, documents, graph data from social networks, simple key-value data, etc. Interacting with heterogeneous data models via different APIs, and multiple data store applications imposes challenging tasks to their developers. Indeed, programmers have to be familiar with different APIs. In addition, the execution of complex queries over heterogeneous data models cannot, currently, be achieved in a declarative way as it is used to be with mono-data store application, and therefore requires extra implementation efforts. Moreover, developers need to master and deal with the complex processes of cloud discovery, and application deployment and execution. In this work we propose an integrated set of models, algorithms and tools aiming at alleviating developers task for developing, deploying and migrating multiple data stores applications in cloud environments. Our approach focuses mainly on three points. First, we provide a unifying data model used by applications developers to interact with heterogeneous relational and NoSQL data stores. Based on that, they express queries using OPEN-PaaS-DataBase API (ODBAPI), a unique REST API allowing programmers to write their applications code independently of the target data stores. Second, we propose virtual data stores, which act as mediator and interact with integrated data stores wrapped by ODBAPI. This run-time component supports the execution of single and complex queries over heterogeneous data stores. Finally, we present a declarative approach that enables to lighten the burden of the tedious and non-standard tasks of (1) discovering relevant cloud environment and (2) deploying applications on them while letting developers to simply focus on specifying their storage and computing requirements.

This a a joint work with Rami Sellami and Sami Bhiri, both from Telecom SudParis/University of Paris Saclay.


Prof.Bruno Defude received the Ph.D. degree in 1986 and Habilitation degree in 2005 in computer science, respectively, from Grenoble INP and Paris VI University, Paris, France. He is currently Vice-Dean of research and Professor in the Computer Science Department at Telecom SudParis, France. Telecom SudParis is an engineering school in telecommunications which is a member of the newly created University of Paris Saclay (the leading scientific university in France). His research interests are distributed data management, cloud data management, and semantics for B2B integration.

Defude is a member of IEEE and ACM SIGMOD. He was the Chair of the IEEE WETICE Conference in 2011. He has been participating in several national and European research projects. He has published more than 80 research papers in international conferences and journals and has served as program committee member in many conferences.


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