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Editor in Chief: Mohammad S. Obaidat

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Special Issue on Heterogeneous Sensors Based Object Identification and Information Fusion



With the fast development of computing, communication, control technologies, the proliferation of heterogeneous sensors with data communication capability can provide a wide variety of data for our daily life, such as environmental monitoring, health-care systems, structure health checking, military applications etc. However, there are still many interesting open research problems left to be explored as well as many issues to be addressed. Especially when considering the heterogeneous sensors environment, the type and size of data has become increasingly large, this leads to a fundamental challenge in object identification and information fusion. For example, a heterogeneous approach requires sensor fusion algorithms that take the different uncertainties of the sensors into account. Identifying an object with features/attributes is also a challenging problem because accurate feature/attributes extraction is not always guaranteed. Therefore, there are many challenges and practical problems still need to be thoroughly investigated.

In this special issue, we plan to focus on various research and application issues in heterogeneous sensors based object identification and information fusion. The aim of this issue is to bring together researchers and practitioners in areas of cyber physical system & internet of things to share their research achievements and experiences which explicitly involve object identification and information fusion concepts and techniques.



Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Modeling for objects identity

- Objects identity algorithms and architectures

- Multi-sensor, Multi-source fusion system architectures

- QoS in heterogeneous sensors system

- Multiple and distributed information fusion architectures for social Big Data

- Fusion learning in imperfect, imprecise and incomplete environments

- QoS aware information fusion algorithm and power management protocols

- Intelligent techniques for fusion processing

- Spacial and Temporal Consistent

- Heterogeneous sensors fusion system communication resources and demands optimization

- Heterogeneous sensors management and Real-Time applications

- Event, situation, behavior, threat Modeling/simulation/recognition

- Feature extraction and object identification

- Heterogeneous sensors coordination and control in surveillance networks

- Information fusion architectures for next generation communication systems


Instructions for Manuscripts

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Important Dates

Manuscript Due: Dec 15, 2015

Decision Notification: March 15, 2016

Final Manuscript Due: April 15, 2016

Estimated Publication: Third Quarter 2016


Guest Editors

Huansheng Ning

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China



Didier El Baz




Laurence T. Yang

St. Francis Xavier University, Canada



Rui Wang

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

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