Track 11: Call for Paper

Social networks (SNs) are becoming a popular method of meeting people and keeping in touch with friends. SNs can be accessed via the Internet, either by traditional PC or mobile devices. Nowadays, more and more people Join in SNs for daily communications or even business activities. The high popularity of OSNs even leads to a new computing paradigm - social computing.

Trust, security and privacy issues are essential to SNs. People face trust issues in their daily lives for decision making, which become more serious in SNs, due to the lack of enough real life interactions and mutual understanding. The trust mechanism (or trust evaluation) is a tool used to facilitate decision making in diverse applications. In SNs, there is a great deal of information in the patterns of communication exercised by the user with his peers, which could be used to infer additional private information that was intended to remain disclosed. To prevent frequent leaks of private information and identity thefts, it is imperative to bring forefront innovative approaches for analyzing and enhancing the security and privacy dimensions of social networks.

The topic of this session is focused on the recent development in the trust, security, and privacy issues of social networks.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following research directions and technologies:
- Trust models and algorithms in social networks
- Trust and reputation in social networks
- Secure identity management mechanisms in social networks
- Socially aware network security protocols
- Malware propagation in social networks
- Information hiding in social networks
- Privacy-preserving methods for data access and data mining
- Application of modern cryptography in social networks
- Detection, analysis, prevention of spam, phishing, and misbehavior in social systems
- Social currency mechanisms - potential and risks