The 5th China-Europe Innovation Forum on Smart Healthy
and Privacy Protection(SmartHealth 2019-3)

17, December, 2019

Liming Chen
Coordinator of the EU Horizon2020 MSCA ITN ACROSSING project Context, Intelligence and Interaction Research Group
De Montfort University, UK
Lu Liu
Fellow of British Computer Society
University of Leicester, UK
Huansheng Ning
IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Xuanxia Yao
Associate Professor
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Yumei Zheng
De Montfort University, UK
Qingjuan Li
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Fadi Farha
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Li Nie
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Rongyang Li
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
...(more speakers will be added.)
Shaobin Feng
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China


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