Cyberspace Data 2018


       From the perspective of big data and the Internet of Things, in the previous seminar, the need to establish a big data protocol was discussed, and the explosive growth of data generated by the development of various sensor data in the Internet of Things has led to the urgency of establishing big data standards. This seminar will be combined with Cyberspace and Cyber-enabled spaces Forum 2018,and focus on emerging technology, the research progress of network space, the development prospect and so on carries on the concrete discussion. Of course, any other collaboration forms and ideas on Big Data/IoT which you are interested would be welcomed.

Time and Location

Time:June 28, 2018
Location:Techart Plaza


  • Antranig Khecho EPAM Systems Inc.
  • Faisal Karim Bhutta National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan
  • Arshad Ali Punjab University, Pakistan
  • Zhangbing Zhou China University of Geosciences, China
  • Maurice Mulvenna Ulster University, UK
  • Yuan Zhang University of Jinan, China
  • Yiqiang Chen China Academy of Science, China
  • Ismail Khalil Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • Huansheng Ning University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), China